Shine Smile
on January 19, 2021
WHY DO I NEED A ROOT CANAL? The pulp in the tooth needs to be removed because it begins to breakdown and bacteria grows in its place which in turn leads to infection or an abscess that could cause irreparable damage. An abscess is a pus pocket that grows at the root of the tooth. Abscesses can cause swelling, bone loss, and infections in the mouth and even beyond. The consequences of dental infection can be life threatening. Symptoms of infection include: Swelling Visible injury like a crack or chip. Sensitivity to temperature. Pain in the tooth or gums that can be severe and sharp Contact us:- Shine Smile 681 Goodlette-Frank Rd #110, Naples, FL 34102 Tel: (239) 261-8200 | Fax: (239) 263-3210 Email: Website -
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