Shine Smile
on March 6, 2021
The dental and medical sub-discipline of oral surgery is probably one of the most demanding areas of our practice and when choosing their Naples Dentist most of our patients have indicated that since we perform all stages of dentistry, they have confidently trusted us with their dental care over other nearby dentists and oral and maxillofacial surgery providers. The work of an Oral Surgeon includes diagnosing and treating patients, answering any questions, and recommending treatments that contribute to the most fundamental dental services. Everyone knows that “dentists pull teeth.” However, dentistry as the art and science of healing has evolved beyond “pulling teeth” and into a series of technically demanding procedures designed to alleviate pain and fight infection while removing decayed teeth. What’s more, we can introduce repair, modification and stimulation to the hard and soft tissues of jaw bones, the face, and surrounding areas. Contact Shine Smile for more information. Contact us:- Shine Smile 681 Goodlette-Frank Rd #110, Naples, FL 34102 Tel: (239) 261-8200 | Fax: (239) 263-3210 Email: Website -
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