on August 8, 2021
The two options (provincial processes and federal processes) have their particularities, but among the most evident are: the processing time and the mobility offered by the Express Entry system. ⠀ While Provincial programs take an average of 1.5 years to complete (from application to receipt of PR), Express Entry has an average processing time of 6 months. In addition, when you apply for the Federal process, you will be able to reside in any of the Canadian provinces, while provincial processes require you to take up residence in the province for which you were invited to immigrate. ⠀ But be careful: it is important to mention that all provincial immigration programs will require a second stage through the federal process, either via Express Entry (electronic application) or paper-based (paper application). ⠀ Relax, you're not alone when you think there are a lot of options and details! And to ensure that your Canada plan comes out in the most appropriate way for your profile, schedule your initial consultation today with one of our consultants. ⠀ Contact us. Don’t miss this opportunity! Visit Our Website: Call: +91 9606500972 #CanadaImmigrationConsultantsHyderabad #CanadaVisaConsultantsHyderabad #CanadaConsultancyHyderabad #BestCanadaImmigrationConsultantsHyderabad #BestConsultancyCanadaHyderabad #BestConsultancyForCanadaPRHyderabad #CanadaPRVisaConsultantsHyderabad #CanadaImmigrationHyderabad #CanadaPRConsultancyHyderabad #CanadaVisaAgentsHyderabad #CanadaImmigrationAgentsHyderabad #Hyderabad #Telangana
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