on August 30, 2021
eTA, or Electronic Travel Authorization, is an authorization to enter Canada by air. It is valid for 5 years or the expiration date of your passport (whichever comes first). You can request eTA only if you: - Hold a valid US visa and/or have had a Canadian visa for the past 10 years. - Will be in Canada for 6 months or less. - Will arrive in the country by air. - Do not have a Canadian visa application denied. ⠀ Have you ever used eTA to enter Canada? Contact us! Visit Our Website: Call: +91 9606500972 #CanadaImmigrationConsultantsHyderabad #CanadaVisaConsultantsHyderabad #CanadaConsultancyHyderabad #BestCanadaImmigrationConsultantsHyderabad #BestConsultancyCanadaHyderabad #BestConsultancyForCanadaPRHyderabad #CanadaPRVisaConsultantsHyderabad #CanadaImmigrationHyderabad #CanadaPRConsultancyHyderabad #CanadaVisaAgentsHyderabad #CanadaImmigrationAgentsHyderabad #Hyderabad #Telangana
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