Pocket Change
on September 11, 2019
Have you explored cooking with wine? This infographic dives into all you need to know about the basics for different uses of cooking wines. First, there is no need to worry about differentiation in the flavor of cooking wine because it is consistent from bottle to bottle, and brand to brand. Also, the cost of cooking win is less expensive than table wine. It’s just important to note that cooking wine is not one that you drink because it is treated with salt to add longevity to its shelf life. Cooking wine is most known for being used in marinades, sautés, sauces, soups, and brines. Now here’s the biggest question, what’s the purpose? The purpose of using cooking wine in the kitchen is to engage food. My incorporating it into recipes you’ll boost flavor, increase juiciness, tenderize meat while marinating, add aroma to a dish, and deglazing a pan. Below you can find a breakdown of cooking wine flavor pairing for all your favorite dishes. Check out the end of the graphic to get the 5 most essential pro-tips of cooking with wine. Infographic Source Link: https://pocketchangegourmet.com/cooking-wine-101/
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