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By: on October 2, 2019
A chipped tooth occurs when a small part of the tooth’s enamel breaks off. While chips don't always cause pain, most people would prefer to have them repaired for aesthetic reasons. Small chips can be repaired through bonding or dental filling, but when there's bleeding after you've chipped a tooth, you may require an emergency repair. If you're unsure of what to do if and when you chip a tooth, take a look at the few steps below to ensure the chip is fixed as fast, painlessly, and affordably ...
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By: on June 8, 2019
For many people, teeth whitening is an essential part of dental hygiene. Not only are white teeth attractive, they can reflect good dental health and maintenance. Some people take it so seriously that they whiten their teeth at home. Home teeth whitening can be less expensive and time consuming than visiting the dentist, however, professional teeth whitening utilizes superior methods and equipment to brighten your teeth. For these reasons and more, you should choose to have your dentist whiten y...
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By: on March 14, 2019
For the dental industry, implants are viewed as the best thing since sliced bread; they’re a more efficient and effective way to deal with missing teeth. They feel, look and function like normal teeth, serving as a durable foundation for bridges, dentures and crowns. Moreover, they last longer than full dentures, fixed bridges and removable partials - but that's just the beginning! Discover why dental implants are the top choice for replacing missing teeth: Dental Implants Have Multiple Purpo...
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By: on February 1, 2019
Missing teeth are not only a source of embarrassment for many people, they can also cause pain, discomfort, bite alignment issues, bad breath and more. Thankfully, they’re a cosmetic issue that can be repaired and dental bridges are one of the most common and effective fixes for missing teeth. Dental Bridges Offer Many Benefits Dental bridges are basically replacement teeth that help restore missing teeth. They come in four major types: Traditional (the most common type), Implant Supported Bri...
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By: on December 13, 2018
Parents experience many firsts with their children – first steps, first words, first time riding a bike, first day of school, and the list goes on. But there are some childhood firsts many parents fail to consider, such as the first dental visit. Visiting the dentist can seem frightening to some children, especially the first visit, where it’s a new experience filled with uncertainty and strangers in a strange place. Put your child's mind at ease and ensure their experience is positive by prepar...
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