By: on June 26, 2019
With modernization, the homes have undergone a sea change. The maximum change is seen in the kitchen. The old methods of working are nowhere to be found. From cooking to blending, to cleaning and even storage is different from what it used to be a few decades ago. If you are living in an ancestral home it does offer a classic look but don’t you think that you should try out the modern kitchen designs available in the market today. Are you afraid that modernization will rob the traditional look o...
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By: on February 8, 2019
The contemporary kitchen is different from what it used to be in the times of yore. It is more functional and convenient to work around. You have several appliances and gadgets today and you would need space to accommodate them in your kitchen. So it needs to be modified or remodelled to encompass all these into it. Now modern-day designs lack the charm of the old times. So due to demand, the craftsmanship of the old days is found to be retained while designing modern kitchen cabinets and other ...
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