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By: on July 14, 2020
Do you have an active underground heating oil tank? If so, you need Simple Guard, the most comprehensive oil tank protection plan on the market. With this NJ oil tank insurance plan, you can sleep at night knowing that, God forbid, your oil tank discharges into the ground, you will be covered up to $150,000.00 worth of cleanup costs. This includes soil and groundwater contamination unlike other products on the market that only cover soil contamination. Unfortunately, many homeowner's insurance p...
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By: on January 6, 2020
Simple Tank Services understands that starting a project with a blank check can be very scary. For this reason, we have created a program that allows us to investigate the soils beneath the ground and formulate a fixed price for removing your oil tank and also performing the environmental clean up as well. All for one fixed price. Other companies don't offer this because they want you to believe the project will cost a small amount of money so you hire them over the rest of us. Once they have t...
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By: on December 26, 2019
ProGuard tank protection is insurance protecting active oil tanks on properties through their oil provider. It covers aboveground and underground tanks. A lot of homeowners using oil heat count on ProGuard for their oil tank insurance. If your client or yourself has ProGuard and they are wanting to sell their home, there are a few things you should be made aware of first. They may want to take the tank out and convert to gas, making it more appealing to buyers. You may advise them to go ahead an...
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By: on December 18, 2019
Don’t walk away from great deals just because the house has an underground oil tank. The bottom line of any investment, is that you need to know your numbers before you go into a real estate deal. Before our fixed cost contract, you could never take the chance on a house with an underground oil tank because your quote would be one number and your invoice could be a completely different number. Simple Tank Services has launched a fixed cost contract for removing your oil tank and cleaning it up ...
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By: on December 12, 2019
Most underground oil tank removal contracts seem easy to understand and somewhat affordable. The big bold number on the bottom of the contract seems reasonable right? Did you really read all the fine print? Did you see ALL the line items and understand them 100%? If your not an industry expert then you most likely don't understand how the contract reads. The bold number is enticing, but when you start adding in all the sneaky line items, permits, cops, no parking signs, samples, tank size, etc....
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By: on December 3, 2019
Since the industry of tank sweeping has become somewhat overrun, it is important to accurately gauge just how reliable your tank sweeper is going to be. You do not want to invest in a company that will not do a thorough job and will end up costing you more in the long run. There are a few things you want to look for. Check The Credentials Look at what companies a potential oil tank sweeper has worked for in the past. You can usually find this information on either Facebook or LinkedIn. You wil...
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By: on November 27, 2019
This is a very important question for anyone who has an oil tank, especially if you are planning on removing it. You will want to be asking this question to yourself when you are shopping around for an oil tank contractor. If you do not, you will be making a mistake. Contractors are not always created the same and you will want a contractor that is honest about what needs to be done on your propery. You will want to hear the scenarios given to you by these different contractors with the hypothet...
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By: on November 19, 2019
1. Test the soil around the oil tank - Hire Simple Tank Services to test the soil around the oil tank to determine if their is a leak or not. Once this test is done, Simple Tank can give you a fixed price for the removal and clean up project. Now you can take this number and negotiate the terms with the seller knowing that your quote will not change after you close on the property. 2. Have the seller remove the oil tank before you buy - If the seller is willing to remove the oil tank before you...
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By: on November 8, 2019
After your oil tank is found to be leaking and its proven that the soil exceeds the clean up standards, the next step is to perform a soil remediation. The first step that is taken by Simple Tank Services is scheduling the project with the disposal facility where the contaminated soil will be disposed of. Typically these projects can be scheduled within 5 business days depending on our schedule. Once we arrive on site, our heavy equipment operator will excavate the clean overburden, usually th...
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