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By: on April 20, 2021
Moving to this part of Australia can be a magical experience and helps you in discovering the numerous employment opportunities that the country has to offer. Home to a diverse range of cultural and sports events there is nothing that the region of South Australia does not have to offer. All you got to do is to check whether or not your occupation is on the updated South Australia occupation list 2021. Career progression, business opportunities as well as education are some of the highlights...
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By: on March 30, 2021
When dreams come in to reality, it is something of a surprise, but moreover it is a realization of what was meant to happen. Here is where Australia PR visa comes in to the picture, wherein dreams of many immigrants is realized with them getting a lifetime of comforts and benefits laid down before them. This happens once they become permanent residents of the Australian region that welcomes aspirants who want a place to live and work. And, what better place that Australia, which is a global ...
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By: on February 23, 2021
Much has been spoken about the provincial nominee programs of Canada that have got a lot of attention from immigrants who wish to be nominated via the Canada PNP These Canadian regions have their own respective immigration programs that are based on the local labour needs and requirements of the region. This is the reason that many who do not succeed their way via the Express Entry system make their way in to Canada via the PNP programs wherein the state nominates the deserving skilled prof...
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By: on August 10, 2020
Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s most immigrant-friendly provinces. In 2019, the province surpassed its immigrant intake record by welcoming 7,580 foreign nationals. In 2020, the authorities have continued to accept and process applications from immigration aspirants, and are on track for meeting or exceeding last year’s record. Most of these immigrants enter the country through the Nova Scotia PNP and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot. The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) nominates eligible ca...
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By: on June 13, 2020
In its recent draw, the Ontario PNP invited Express Entry applicants who hold work experience in one of nine occupations in order to apply for provincial nomination. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) draw, which is one of the most popular and widely applied for Canada PNP welcomed candidates who may be eligible for Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream (HCP). In the latest invitation round, applicants with work experience in the following of the nine occupations were issued No...
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By: on May 26, 2020
To check the financial stability of intending migrants, US immigration officials will now be implementing a ‘wealth test’ – based on age, income, education, health, and other assets. Those who do not pass the test are likely to rely on government benefits, and will be denied entry. Immigrants already living in the USA – who have availed government benefits for 12 months within the preceding 36 months – may also be impacted by this rule. Previously, immigrants who were likely to need governme...
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By: on May 19, 2020
Making Canada your one true home is where the dream begins, which in turn takes shape with a permanent residency. The card of hope and new life in one of the most prosperous nations of the world is what inspires thousands of people who want to make a move in a positive direction in terms of choosing the perfect career opportunity or a high standard of living. Even with the current situation of pandemic, there is nothing that stops the Canadian government from taking the proper steps in terms...
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By: on April 21, 2020
On November 16, 2019, the Department of Home Affairs Australia unveiled an all new Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) subclass 494 visa. With this visa, the government of Australia hopes to boost the economy of regional areas of the country by motivating skilled overseas workers to live and work for three years in any regional area of Australia before applying for an Australian permanent residency visa. The subclass 494 visa has 10,000 places allocated every year. The regional areas o...
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By: on April 10, 2020
In Canada, a permanent resident or the one who holds Canada PR is someone who has been granted the status of being a permanent resident by legally migrating to Canada, but is not a Canadian citizen. There are differences in being a permanent resident and a citizen of Canada. Though they have same rights and responsibilities as that of citizens, however they are not allowed to vote or run for political office and hold some jobs that need a high-level security clearance. If you wish to immigrat...
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By: on March 18, 2020
If there is any place that has a top quality of life then we cannot miss the name of Australia, being ranked as one of the those countries that provides not only a high standard of living but gives them ample opportunities and exposure to work, live and settle when they immigrate to Australia. Historically, Australia encouraged permanent settlement as it is counted as one of the most traditional immigration destinations that have been beckoning immigrants, from time immemorial. Majority of ...
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By: on February 25, 2020
Speaking about the latest Express Entry Canada draw a total of 4,500 invitations were issued to interested candidates who have applied for permanent residence in Canada. This was seen as the largest draw that was ever held by the Canadian government recently. The minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score that was taken in to account and released was 470, indicating a slashing of 2 points as compared to the previous draw that was held on February 5. The Canada Express system is respon...
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