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By: on April 18, 2020
EXCURSION TO CAIRO AND TO THE PYRAMIDS Cairo is the largest city not only of Egypt, but of the entire African continent, the borders of which came close to the great pyramids of Giza - the only one of the Seven Wonders of the World that has survived to this day. The mysterious sphinx and mysterious pyramids preserving the spirit of eternity have become a symbol of Egypt and a tourist mecca. Cairo Museum - the main world treasury of Egyptian antiquities, the age of unique exhibits totals mor...
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By: on April 14, 2020
Egypt is a country where "ancient Egyptian civilization", one of the oldest civilizations in the world, which is familiar in world history textbooks, flourished. The name "Egypt" overlaps with the etymology of "Copt". "Copt" is derived from the ancient Egyptian name "Het Ka Putah" (Phatah's spiritual hall) in the then capital city of Memphis. Eventually, the Greeks read it in Greek as "Aiguptos", which became the term for all of Egypt. The Arabic name is "Mistle." This is due to the establish...
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