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By: on May 1, 2018
React Native is an open source cross-platform developed by Facebook in 2013. In past few years React Native has become became the first choice for developers as it is one of the best Java script frameworks. Let’s take a look at a few advantages of ReactNative:  Advantages of React Native 1-Cost Effective-React Native is a cross-platform which means it can be used for both Android and iOS which saves money and time, since we can use the same code for both. 2-Easily updatable- Using React Nativ...
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By: on November 10, 2017
Healthcare applications monstrously contribute in right medicinal finding. Envision a circumstance where you see that your heart rate is better than expected. There are different social advantages of bringing healthcare services application on various smartphones, for example, - • Increment trust and regard amongst patients and specialists • Gives significantly speedier help to families with better care • Enhances information record in the healthcare services framework • Cost-reser...
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By: on October 6, 2017
Mobile technology has revolutionized the world with its flexible enhancements. And that’s why it has created a revolution, thus, businesses from different domains and verticals are finding it a feasible platform to interact with their end-users, which in turn, help in reaping benefits of technical enhancements especially in terms of digitalization. Smartphones and Tablets have become the most crucial and enticing Internet accessing platform, thus businesses and brands are focusing on mobile plat...
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