Consagous Technologies
on May 7, 2020 47 views
When it comes to determining the best approach to limit the impact of COVID-19 on organizations, many companies are turning to integrate #EmployeeTrackingSoftware to ensure their business operations continuity effort more streamlined & less daunting. From tracking employee absences to their return-to-work timelines and from managing client projects to handing assigned tasks to multiple teams, an ETS gets you covered all within a single ecosystem. If you are currently looking to integrate employee tracking software in your business, Consagous can help. Please contact us at to schedule a free consultation with one of our consultants. #ets #employeetracking #softwaresolutions #applications #technologyservices #softwaredevelopment #businessoperations #covid19outbreak #pandemic2020 #wfh #remotelife #workbetter
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