Freyja Rivers
on August 3, 2020 159 views
Much-loved or valuable leather furniture is hard to replace, but can look shabby over time, or worse, suffer accidental damage. Furniture repair by talented restoration experts gives pieces a new lease of life, but at far less expense than buying new items.
Leather repair can be attempted at home, but unless the job’s simple, the results can be disastrous, causing far more damage than there was in the first place. If there’s more than the most superficial of marks, your best option is to seek specialist advice. Reputable furniture repair and restoration companies employ craftsmen who can deal with rips in the material, scratches, scuffmarks, stains and cracks in the leather’s surface. If your precious sofa or armchair has been exposed to sunlight, for example, leather repair professionals can recolour the piece, ensuring it looks as good as new. Cleaning and conditioning to preserve the item’s useful life can all be undertaken too.
Furniture repair by seasoned experts is significantly more cost-effective than replacement, which is not only better for your pocket, but also helps the environment too. A great repair job by a specialist company can give you years more use from your furniture.
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