Percy Burns
on August 13, 2020 56 views
First, what is an EFB battery? The acronym stands for ‘Enhanced Flooded Battery’. ‘Flooded’ means that the battery contains a mix of water and acid, like all car batteries, but ‘Enhanced’ indicates it’s a higher performing battery than the standard lead acid model.
So if lead acid batteries have been the standard for years, why pay more for an EFB car battery prices? For one thing, an EFB battery will last for longer. It’s estimated that they can be charged twice as many times as a typical lead acid battery. This extended life cuts down on the hassle of more frequent battery replacement, as well as spreading the cost and saving you money in the longer term. Another plus point is that EFB batteries have a higher load capacity. This means they’re better equipped to cope with the high demands placed on them by vehicles that carry lots of electronic gadgets, like aircon, stereo and sat navs.
Finally, if your car features innovative, environmentally friendly stop-start technology, which saves fuel by cutting power to the engine in heavy or halted traffic, the EFB batteries is ideal to cope with the additional demands placed on it.
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