Luis Ford
on December 18, 2018 759 views
Regular maintenance of your coffee vending machine is a must. Failing to maintain your machine properly can lead to a host of problems, all of which can result in no one wanting to order drinks from your machine.

One of the most common problems is clogged nozzles. These most commonly occur simply because they need cleaning. Coffee and hot or powdered milk are sticky substances. Over time, these build up on the nozzles of even the best coffee vending machines and stop them from working effectively. This can lead to drinks not tasting right and depending on the type of drink vending machine you have, it risks cross contamination, which is always to be avoided. Drip trays are another issue; while full drip trays don’t affect the taste of a drink, they do create mess that begins to smell over time and makes the vending machine less than inviting.

If the coin slot is out of commission, then no one can use your coffee vending machine. Even if it offers contactless payment, its effectiveness is reduced. Regular maintenance helps you avoid these issues and keeps your vending machine in top working order.
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