Reece Fraser
on January 25, 2021 12 views
The fuel pump on any vehicle drives fuel from the tank to the engine. Pre-1970s, most cars had mechanical fuel pumps, but now the electric fuel pump is far more common. But why the change and what are the benefits?
First, most modern cars have fuel injection systems rather than carburettors. Electric fuel pumps are much more efficient than their mechanical counterparts, because they can supply fuel at the higher pressure that fuel injection systems require. Second, an electric fuel pump can be submerged within the fuel tank itself. That cuts fire risks because liquid fuel never ignites by itself, only when it comes into contact with a spark. Placing the fuel pump within the tank keeps it cooler and away from the hot engine, eliminating the possibility of fire. Third, the electric pump provides a steady, consistent flow of fuel to the engine, with immediate priming as soon as the engine turns over and less chance of a vapour lock than you’d get with mechanical fuel pumps.
The keys to maximising the benefit of your electric fuel pump are to buy a great quality one, and ensure it’s wired and fitted correctly.
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