Thomas Shaw
on June 14, 2021 6 views
Best Gaming Keyboards Despite its name, the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Mechanical Computer Keyboard is not as intimidates since it seems. A reactive and durable mechanical computer keyboard, the Blackwidow Ultimate is also IP54 protected, meaning it's dust and water resistant for if you accidentally lose your cup of coffee down from the personal computer table after you party your success... or anything. The two-piece keyboard includes eighty-three keys that are arranged in rows of pink keys (except for the numeral primary ( which includes a distance only), together with each of them being assigned to a certain key. On the face of the keyboard have been dedicated function buttons. Above the function buttons are seven extra buttons which may be used to display extra features of this Razer Blackwidow Ultimate, such as Razer's emblem, system menu, as well as media launch button.
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