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Calories Burned
Hiking and Walking, especially on Trails are a great way to get fit, burn calories and therefore lose weight. Trails, especially trails with a bit of an incline in them are ideal for engaging your Cardiovascular System and getting you in shape. As an added bonus, you get to be outside, breathe fresh air, engage with nature and exert yourself. Is there a better way to give yourself the “Feel Good Factor”? Everyone who goes on a Hike will burn Calories. The issue is working out how many calories are burned while we are walking. There are several factors that will come into play. Your Basal Metabolic Rate How Difficult/Far the Hike is How much you Weigh How much additional Weight you are Carrying The Climate/Temperature you are Hiking in The Speed and Intensity you are walking at Your Body Composition (Fat, Muscular, Lean etc)
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