Hridoy Ahmed
on July 26, 2021 11 views
Moral Intelligence 2.0: Enhancing Business Performance and Leadership Success in Turbulent Times by Doug Lennick & Fred Kiel The message is that moral competence is critical not only to the success of individual leaders and business, but also for the survival of the global economy. 0:33 Benefit of having honest superiors 0:53 Emotional intelligence, important for high performance but a moral compass is also required for long-lasting business success. 1:33 Three responsibility you have for your external communities: • The responsibility to do no harm • The responsibility to add current value • The responsibility to add future value 1:56 Managing destructive emotions. Your goal should not be to eliminate all traces of negative feelings from your experience, but rather to develop the emotional control to manage destructive emotions so they don’t derail you. 2:15 Dealing with moral viruses. Regularly scan your self talk to stay aware of the internal beliefs that are influencing your daily actions. When we are under stress, the symptoms of a moral virus can once again resurface. That is a good signal to talk it out with a good friend or trusted advisor. Like a virus that thrives in the dark, moral viruses brought out into the light often wither and die. We experiential triangle of thoughts, emotions, and behaviour, all of which mutually influence one another. Predominately emotions are usually the product of our thoughts. 3:53 If we feel obligated to tell someone that something “for your own good,” we need first to examine our own motivations and think if there is a different way to convey this information if it is required. 4:21 An emotionally intelligent leader knows when not to trust gut reactions. “When I get really angry, I now know to say, ‘I need some time to think about this; let’s talk tomorrow.’ I’ve also learned when to consult with someone who’s not personally involved before I decide what to do.” 4:48 Obnoxious co-worker keep the channel of respect open call on your capacity for empathy and listening, think of this as a development opportunity for yourself. 5:19 Rs of Financial Intelligence • RECOGNIZE • REFLECT • REFRAME • RESPOND 6:00 Honest feedback is harder to obtain the higher up the chain you go. Suggested script to obtain this. 6:51 Five maxims of moral entrepreneurship 1. Build a business that helps others 2. Choose your partners wisely 3. Hold on tight to your core values 4. Surround yourself with employees who share your values 5. Put your people—and your organization—first Both large and small enterprises, have the same basic requirements of moral leadership. If you are an entrepreneur, it may seem more difficult to stay true to principles when the stakes are high and the cash flow is low, but equally when established can be difficult when cash flow is high. But your new venture simply cannot survive unless it is anchored in core principles. No matter the size of the territory, the morally competent leader weaves business and moral values together—and that makes all the difference.
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