Theodore Clark
on March 28, 2019 98 views
Looking to start flat water paddling? Interested in catching some waves? Choosing an inflatable stand up paddle board is the way to go. Traditionally, inflatables are synonymous with instability. However, when it comes to inflatable paddleboards, the opposite is true. And this is just one reason why they are ideal for beginners.

An inflatable board is also more flexible; allowing you to use the same board in different types of water. Of course, you need to buy the right board from an experienced seller, who can advise you the uses of the blow up paddle board. Weight is another benefit for beginners. There is very little weight in an inflatable board, so you are more likely to want to take it with you to the beach or the lake. It takes up very little room in your vehicle and stores easily when you get it home.

Finally, there is maintenance; ever watched someone caring for a solid paddle board? Life is much simpler with an inflatable stand up paddle board. The most important thing you need to do is ensure it is completely dry before you pack it away.
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