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Mohamed Dekkak attended Dubai International Horse Fair
Mr. Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, Honorary President of Ibn Battuta Association, Chairman of Anouar Association and an avid horse lover, attended the prestigious Dubai International Horse Fair which was held in Dubai World Trade Centre last March 21-23, 2019. It was a gathering for all horse enthusiast and equestrian community to connect and be acquainted. In the video shown, Mr. Mohamed Dekkak watched all the horses being trained and shown by the horses' trainers to the public.
Horses have played a crucial role to the travel, history, and culture of the U.A.E. as well as other Arab countries, as it serves to be one of the key transportation system ways before the automobile was even invented. History says that a number of Arabian horses were being traded as well to be spread around the world through commerce and war. Horses from the Arab world was also used to improve the breed of other horses' endurance, speed, refinement, and bones. In our modern times, traces of Arabian Horses in the DNA of every breed of horses around the world are being found. It has also been said that the Arabian Horses is a symbol of sensitivity, power, and grace.
Dubai International Horse Fair and Arabian Horse Championship
The Middle East is being recognized as the fast-growing equestrian hub in the world for horse enthusiasts. Dubai, being the center of commerce, business, trade, travel, and leisure, was also considered as Middle East's largest trade platform in the equine industry. Last March 21-23, 2019, the annual Dubai International Horse Fair has launched once again this year, to be joined by all the equestrian community, horse riders and trainers, horse aficionados and equine business players. The fair aims to showcase and competition of heritage, beauty, and agility of the finest breed of horses in the world. The venue of the most exciting event for horses was held in Za'abelle Halls 5 and 6 of Dubai World Trade Center. The event was attended by more than ten thousand professionals, breeders, and buyers in almost 25 nations like Serbia, Chile, Lebanon, Malaysia, Turkey, and China.
The aim of the horse fair as follows:
⦁ the expansion of the global network with 200 brands and companies
⦁ the latest equestrian items and equipment
⦁ more ways of therapies and care for the horses
⦁ the showcase of finest horse breeds
His Royal Highness, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Deputy Ruler and Crown Prince of Dubai, was the main patron of this year event. Sheikh Hamdan was the one who inaugurated the Arabian Horse Championship and the Dubai International Horse Fair is an avid horse lover.
Dubai International Horse Fair or the DIHF aims not only to entertain all its participants and attendees but also to promote various business ventures and awareness about horses because the equestrian industry is expected to boom in the U.A.E. The DIHF is a great platform for trade and equestrian business.
⦁ Contacts for over 10,000 buyers
⦁ Launch new services and products for horses available in the market
⦁ Full range of demonstrations about the products being promoted and its capabilities
⦁ Meetups with potential distributors and other agents known
⦁ Ensure competing effectively as trade buyers
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