Bart Westley
on August 14, 2019 25 views
If you’re in charge of refurbishment or installation of your company’s washroom facilities, there are a number of important decisions to make. One of these is which commercial toilet cubicles you should opt for. Some of these factors may inform your final choice.

First, consider the environment: is it essentially dry, like a washroom for office staff, or will the atmosphere be damp and humid – in a swimming pool, for instance? Excessive moisture affects the lifespan and look of cheaper materials, so you may need to opt for something more resilient. Next, look at the washroom facilities users’ needs and habits. School toilet cubicles, for instance, probably need to be made of tougher stuff than those used by adults, who tend to be less boisterous. Thirdly, do you want a specific colour, to match corporate branding, for instance? In high powered firms where image really counts, availability of the right colour cubicles could be a deciding factor.

Finally, budget and timescales: are your chosen commercial toilet cubicles the right price; and can they be available to meet your project’s deadline? All these factors should be considered fully before making your decision.
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