Barry Fox
on August 16, 2019 11 views
Disaster recovery planning is essential for business continuity in the face of negative events. One area that’s often overlooked, though, is power loss. Riello UPS solutions can help prevent a bad situation worsening by allowing time to counter the effects of an unexpected power outage.

When there’s a power cut, that sudden loss of electricity can cause servers to shut down immediately without warning. This can cause various problems, from corrupted files to overheating because AC units aren’t functioning. All in all, the end result is a hiatus in IT services to the business while back-ups are restored or the server is rebuilt. Uninterruptible power supply companies offer valuable remedies to plan ahead and counter costly interruptions to the business. A UPS is like a battery pack plugged into your system, maintaining power while the server recognises there’s a problem and shuts itself down safely. A UPS additionally counters power spikes or surges, which can also lead to servers cutting out.

In short, installing a Riello UPS is an essential component of any good disaster recovery plan, minimising power loss and saving time that would otherwise be spent restoring or rebuilding servers and back-ups.
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