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Our high bore and able oil fitting for a wide extent of use. Our thing fulfill all quality control test. Our social affair examine office are completely orchestrated and meld fit staffs. WE are the famous distributor of lubricant in UAE .We pass on our things to the client on time and execution are past the hankering for client. steam cylinder oil and stove chain oil make your sorts of mechanical assembly powerfully convincing and gainful. Other than oils and oil things, we supply indisputable sorts of blower, standard parts and mechanical cleaners.
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With the helps of circulation lubrication oil we can cool the stressed parts of the machine. It is applicable in heavily loaded and high temperature atmosphere. The circulating system is responsible for continuous supply of lubricants to the machines parts. water resistant chain lubricants play an important role in long service life of machine. It show excellent corrosion protection property and water wash out property. It is suitable in wet environment and used in marine applications.