Intervention Services
A professional trained in managing the issues and intense feelings that are common during an intervention is your best bet. You want the best chance for a positive outcome, with your loved one saying ‘yes’ to rehab. For this reason it is good to hire a professional service like those offered by Ken ... View More
Online AA Meetings
online AA meetings free at Ken Seeley Communities.
Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms
Understanding the dangers of binge drinking. How to know if you have alcohol poisoning, the next day?.
Residential Treatment For Addiction
When considering the continuum of care for treating substance use disorders or dual diagnosis, the residential rehab program offers the highest standard of care.
Sober Living Palm Springs
No matter how committed someone is to sobriety, the risk of relapse is particularly prevalent in the first few months following rehab. There are many benefits of sober living Palm Springs.
Delirium Tremors
Help with The DTs from drinking alcohol. Learn to overcome fear of DTs from alcoholism and its symptoms.
Eyes of a Heroin Addict
Know the signs of heroin addiction. Learn what are the signs and symptoms of someone addicted to heroin. Signs can include nausea, dry mouth, itchy skin, pinpoint pupils aka Heroin Eyes.
Publish Date: July 15, 2020
Ken Seeley Communities provides an individualized treatment approach to ensure long-term recovery. Our programs are uniquely tailored to each patient. The primary goal of our day treatment program in Palm Springs is to continue to identify the underlying issues that may influence drug or alcohol use and develop a plan for recovery.