Guchen Thermo Transport Refrigeration System
Guchen Thermo is founded in China in 1997, Zhengzhou Guchen Thermo Co,.Ltd. has been specializing in the design and manufacture of high-performance transport refrigerated units for all types of delivery vehicles like vans,trucks,etc. Production include the following: 1. truck refrigeration units 2. van refrigeration units 3. refrigerated truck bodies 4. refrigerated trucks 5. Electric control system 6. Refrigeration condenser/evaporator fans 7. QP series refrigeration compressors Guchen Thermo specializes in emission-free refrigeration solutions for mainly city transport. Our systems are green, sustainable, quiet, more affordable than conventional systems, and almost maintenance free. Guchen Thermo is part of uchen, a leading global provider of high quality relible transport refrigeration systems, and innovative solutions.
Guchen Thermo
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