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OnKar Valiya (Born in February 1971) is an Indian Businessman and the founder & chairman of Valiya Group of industries. In 1999, the business was started with a single truck and today we have more than 125+ owned vehicles. Valiya Group is situated in Udaipur, (Rajasthan) India. We are maker & supplier of Minerals, Rock Phosphate, Magnesium Sulfate, Phospho-gypsum, SSP (Single Super phosphate Plant), GSSP (Granulated Single Super phosphate Plant), Zinc Sulfate, Ferrous Sulfate, and different other agro items. Our offered items are planned to utilize incredible quality fixings that we source from a portion of the desired sellers of the market. Every one of these items is altogether inspected by our group of value analyzers on different parameters. Further, our items can be benefited by the customers in a subjective and clean bundling, to hold their ideal quality until the end-use. We have had the option to achieve a wonderful situation in this profoundly serious market. All our assembling units are introduced with the most recent innovations and modern machines that are required to detail an impeccable scope of intermediates for Fertilizers, Agrochemicals, Pharma businesses, DCP, and Phosphoric corrosive assembling industry. Our customers can profit from us Dicalcium Phosphate, which is otherwise called Calcium Mono-Hydrogen Phosphate, which is dibasic calcium phosphate. It is typically found as dry out, however, it very well may be thermally changed over to the anhydrous structure. Dicalcium Phosphate is insoluble in water, with a dissolvability of 0.02 g per 100 ml at 25 °C. It contains around 23 percent calcium in its anhydrous structure.
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OnKar Valiya (Born in February 1971) is an Indian Businessman and the founder & chairman of Valiya Group of industries. In 1999, the business was started with a single truck and today we have more than 125+ owned vehicles. Our achievement in the business is based on the solid mainstays of advancement, quality, and committed client care. By fusing these and different business qualities, we have supported our capacities to keep up top-notch measures in the business. By receiving trend-setting innovations, refining forms, and investigating more extensive applications, we mean to make sure about our situation in the present and trust in making open doors for what's to come. By keeping up a quick and adaptable procedure of creation, bundling, and conveyance, we have been giving a steady and solid stockpile base for hard and fast national and universal customers. Our high caliber and unadulterated synthetic substances take into account high development mechanical parts, for example, Agriculture, Textiles, pharmaceuticals, and Packaging that are the prime drivers of development in the economy. Our Market Our scope of Minerals and Fertilizers is accessible over the globe and can be found in different enterprises also. Minerals and Fertilizers are such items that are broadly utilized and in different structures and volumes. In certain regions, they are utilized is mass (particularly in the material business) however the fixation level is commonly low. A portion of the enterprises we serve incorporate compost, substance, material, horticulture, cleanser, and some more. Foundation We have built up a propelled producing unit, follow industry characterized parameters to make our range, and ensure that it is liberated from any contamination. We are bolstered by a group of exceptionally experienced experts who help us to offer an unrivaled scope of items to our customers with the most extreme fulfillment and continue checking the nature of the item. We have three assembling units situated in Umerda, Udaipur (Raj.) having 1,20,000 sq. feet land (plant) and 35,000 sq. feet secured sheds. Our colleagues work in close coordination with one another to give the best answer for our customers. Ecological Concerns This is one perspective that is constantly been on the highest point of our need list. Every one of our procedures complies with global gauges keeping natural laws. Keeping this significant condition well-disposed demeanor and human government assistance into thought, we have our procedure including essential, auxiliary, and tertiary medications. All fluid and strong squander are discarded in a naturally and lawfully adequate way.
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Tradeasia International is a chemical trading partner involved in the supply and marketing of food chemicals for industries. We are a global trading association providing quality food chemicals with certainty and trust, which makes us unique. When you choose Tradeasia, there is no question about quality as all our products are sourced from some of the best manufacturers in the world. We are a reputed chemical supplier that offers an enormous variety of premium chemicals. If your company is searching for chemicals for any kind of product manufacturing or anything else then take a look of
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IP is a premier independent price and analystics service focused on the fast growing Indian petrochemical and chemical sectors. The website provides the most comprehensive coverage of price movements of petrochemical and chemical products across the country. An all-India network of scouts, reporters and journalists feeds in real time data to a central desk in New Delhi for uploading directly to the website. We are part of an 18-year old group which is a market leader in business intelligence and advisory services for the Indian oil & gas, power, fertilizers, chemical and petrochemical sectors. Our dedicated team of editors, analysts and journalists is committed to bringing to the readers daily updates, breaking news, analysis and reports on a daily basis. Our subscribers include some of the biggest Indian and global companies.
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LASA Supergenerics Ltd
LASA Supergenerics Ltd leading manufacturers of Veterinary API in Mumbai, India. We manufacturers albendazole, fenbendazole, oxfendazole, Cyromazine, Ricobendazole, Nitroxynil, Rafoxanide, Ornidazole, Oxyclozanide etc. Visit Our site for more information
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