hai! We’re waking up the industry, one smart shower at a time. You no longer need to settle for the subpar, dreary showerhead that came with your place. You deserve an eco-minded, watersense shower head designed with you in the center. With Bluetooth power and an easy DIY installation, hai is the full in-home spa experience – revolutionizing self-care to ritualize your best life.
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Rapids Tobacco and Vapor
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Buy Tobacco Supplies Online was established with the intention of providing a high-quality product at a reasonable price. We wanted pipe tobacco that embodied the "Your Hometown Smoke Shop" vibe that we strive to instil throughout our company. As a result, you won't find these products with overly-designed labels or colourful fancy packaging. Simply a clear bag that allows the tobacco to shine through. This pipe tobacco, available in the colours Red, Blue, Silver, Green, and Yellow, is made from Racine and Wisconsin tobaccos. It has a smooth flavor and a rich blend that is sure to please.
Jura Coffee Machine
Coffee is a very personal ritual so having a coffee machine that allows you the flexibility and ease to create your coffee the exact way you like it is essential. Our Jura coffee machine allows you to choose from a fully automated model with all the functional extras or a simpler model allowing you to brew the perfect cup with a little more personal control.
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Air conditioning Melbourne by CLIMAT is one of Australia’s longest established suppliers of air conditioning systems with over 40 years’ experience in customers service. Our employees in air conditioning Melbourne by CLIMAT well are trained to work with you to design the most efficient, cost effective system for your home and how you live.
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When it comes to your Melbourne property, the air conditioning and heating system you select plays a significant role in the property’s comfort. After all, it’s what’s going to keep you warm in winter and cool and comfortable in summer. Your Melbourne property may currently be without an air conditioning and heating system, or your existing one is no longer working like it used to. It may be time to upgrade your system at CLIMAT Melbourne.
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