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on January 31, 2020
These days we have been witnessing a great number of people suffering from certain psychological illnesses that have been largely affecting their mental health. Deteriorating mental health has become an alarming issue in almost every country, and its main target has merely been the young generation. There have been different surveys conducted across universities and colleges that reflect upon the conditions of students whose results are quite concerning.
Mental health is not just a diagnosis; instead, it’s overall psychological well-being. It’s the way you feel about yourself and others, and the ability to manage and deal with your feelings and everyday struggles. And if these issues related to mental health are left untreated, it can surely have serious implications on the individual and his overall development and well-being. Some of the most concerning issues that students face are-
Eating disorders
Panic disorders
Suicidal tendencies and ideation
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
While taking care of your mental health, you can even seek professional support and treatment, which also means that you need to take some steps to improve your mental health by yourself. Good mental health can boost your mood and confidence, build resilience and add to your overall enjoyment of life. Here we have provided a few tips which you can adopt if you are undergoing problems related to mental health.
Become more active
As a student, it is important for you to include some form of physical activity in your daily routine in order to improve your physical as well as mental health. Work out regularly; this can serve as the best therapy to improve your mental health by increasing the level of blood circulation in your body, which can further provide more oxygen to your brain to work effectively. Physical activities can help a person reduce their stress levels and overcome issues related to mental health.
Eat right
People suffering from certain psychological discomforts are mainly suggested to adopt a healthy lifestyle. As this can lead to better functioning of their brain, and allows them to be more energetic and compassionate in their life. It also gives them the strength to overcome various obstacles that come in their life.
Get proper sleep
Mental health and sleep share a closely related platform, as a change in one can reflect the process of other. So if you change the schedule of your sleep, it can surely create an imbalance in your mental health as well. Poor sleep has been linked to a weak immune system, causing certain mental health issues.
Create a supportive network
As a college student, you go through a lot of stuff, and in that situation if you have the right people around you to lend support, and with whom you can share your thoughts freely, this can help you relieve your stress and other kinds of anxieties.
Make some time for yourself
If you are a college student, then your life is quite demanding and restless. Therefore, it is very important for you to take time for yourself. It would be best if you took time from anything else that gives you a lot of trouble and stress. You can use this time to do something productive or something that you like.
Set realistic goals
In order to improve your mental health, you need to set some realistic goals in your life. This gives a person a sense of achievement and also helps them to gain self-confidence and self-esteem.
Choose to travel
To improve your mental health, you can travel to new places as this leads to certain health benefits. This helps you to stay fit and fine, increases your cognitive skills and also allows you to break your monotonous routine, which can surely improve your mental health.
Value yourself
If you choose to value yourself, then you can surely increase your self-esteem, thus improving your mental health. This gives you the strength to tackle various mental health problems, which is crucial for mental health.
Seek professional help
Well, after all these tips mentioned above, if you still feel stuck between your mental health issue, now is the time to consult a mental health professional. There is a stigma attached to consult a mental health professional whenever you are in need, which stops many individuals to seek help in the form of professional assistance. But, you need to remember that nothing is above your mental health, so pay the most utmost attention to it. Get proper medication and treatment in order to improve your mental health issue.
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