John Wilbert
on March 9, 2020
FAQs About Pool Cleaners
These are some of the most frequently asked questions about pool cleaners, check these out for valuable information.
How Do Automatic Pool Cleaners Work?
Automatic pool cleaners are pretty much similar to vacuum cleaners when it comes to operation. The bot sucks debris from the pool. The filter ensures clean water is circulated into the pool. These cleaners have rotating brushes under the hood to dislodge stubborn dirt and algae.
How Does Polaris Pool Cleaner Work?
Polaris pool cleaner has a large filter bag where all the dirt and debris are gathered before reaching the pump basket. The in-line backup valve automatically releases the pool cleaner if it gets stuck. This means you will enjoy uninterrupted cleaning. The cleaner can rub, wipe, and vacuum the pool automatically.
Why Is My Polaris Pool Cleaner Floating?
There could be several reasons behind it. The cleaner might be damaged by tree branches or even UV rays. This is likely to happen when you have left the cleaner inside the pool and it’s not in use. Other possible causes include bad belt, disconnected internal tube or tangled cord.
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