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on July 29, 2021
Customer acquisition and retention is a huge key for customer loyalty. In a direct selling business, customers are the lifeline, so it’s important that entrepreneurs do everything in order to keep them happy. A customer is only loyal to you if they have a good experience with your product or service. The key to customer loyalty is the personalization of the experience and level of engagement that they receive. Various methods must be implemented for attracting and retaining customers (https://www.epixelmlmsoftware.com/use-cases/customer-acquisition).
The current customer activation process is often a multi-step, time-consuming, and manual process. With new technologies such as chatbots or click-to-call buttons, it is now possible to create an automated remarketing campaign that can deliver instant messages in real-time. This provides customers with the information they need when they need it without needing to reach out for support from your direct selling (https://www.thebalancesmb.com/what-is-direct-selling-1794391) company's distributors. Remarketing campaigns and instant messages can help bring inactive customers back to your company by targeting them at just the right time and highlighting information on offer deadlines or insufficient product stock.
A unified customer data source will help you deliver better customer service, create targeted marketing campaigns, and improve the sales team's efficiency. Data can be segmented with various filters on the basis of demographics or previous buying behavior and make customers take decisions. With this, the direct selling company has an accurate representation of your customers that can also serve as a basis for making predictions about their future behavior.
The digital age has transformed the way we shop for goods and services and entrepreneurs have shifted from having a singular channel of engagement to now being present across all channels. . People are no longer restricted by time or place when they want to buy something. Connect with your customers across all channels--calls, messages, email, social media(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_media), mobile app--to stay engaged in their lives. I.e; the customer is no longer confined to the store, they can reach out to you through phone calls, messages, email, social media, and your mobile app.
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