on December 29, 2021
How does the UberEATS clone app work?
"The ubereats clone is working similarly to Ubereats. Ubereats clone can customize the flow chart according to business necessity. In the below, I will explain how ubereats clone work.
Search the favorite food house:
After completing the registration, the customer starts to search for a favorite restaurant or cafe as per their wish. One, you can select the dishes like starters, biryani, or any kinds of food.
Order dishes at your favorite restaurant:
Add to cart after completing to select the food and place the correct location. Then only the delivery boys know the correct address and to deliver the order.
A delivery boy picks up your order delivery from the restaurant:
After your order is complete, the delivery boys go to the notification first who can accept the order then only to receive the order from the restaurant.
Customers can track the driver location:
The user can track the delivery boy's location, and also the customer can also see the estimated time to their address. When the delivery boy arrives the customer location user can receive the notifications.
Payment method:
There are two types of payment:
Online payment
Cash on delivery
Then the customer can pay the cash in online need not pay the money.
Suppose the user did not pay the cash in online they can pay cash on delivery.
Reviews and Rating:
After receiving the food, customers have the option to rate the about restaurant and delivery boy services. It will help next customer to order food about restaurant and delivery boy service.
Abservetech company has a product like ubereats clone as same as ubereats."
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