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on January 6, 2022
Vijaya Stupa For Long Life of The Patron-Brocade Less Tibetan Buddhist Thangka Painting @exoticindiaart
Ushnishavijaya is one of the three gods of longevity and fulfillment of desire. The other three are Amitayus and White Tara. She is often depicted with eight arms and three heads. Her main face is white while another face is peaceful in gold, the face to her left is blue in a wrathful look. In this thangka, she sits on a moon disk on top of a multi-colored lotus within a stupa or a mound. Stupas are originally the funerary mound for the Shakyamuni but have since been associated with the patterns to the enlightenment of the Buddha. In this thangka, notice that the vidyadhara (garland holders) near the clouds are holding pots containing durva grass (associated with long life).
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