Exotic India Art
on January 7, 2022
Large Lord Ganesha with a Traditional Prabhavali and Parasol Atop In Brass @exoticindiaart
This large bellied and elephant-faced, Lord Ganesha holds the power to remove all obstacles to have a fruitful and healthy life. Ganesha was given a boon, that he would be worshipped as the primary deity before the start of any auspicious event, which is consciously or unconsciously done by the whole mankind. This large Ganesha brass sculpture is a superfine piece of beauty because of its large size, extraordinary carvings, and realistic features, which can ornate your surroundings in an aura of spirituality and aesthetic beauty.
Lord Ganesha Statue: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/product/sculptures/46-large-lord-ganesha-with-traditional-prabhavali-and-parasol-atop-in-brass-handmade-made-in-india-zeo830/
Ganesha Idol: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/sculptures/hindu/ganesha/
Hindu Idols: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/sculptures/hindu/
Sculptures: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/sculptures/
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Dimension: 1080 x 1080
File Size: 631.11 Kb
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