on January 11, 2022
How does Uber Eats make money?
"In this period, many people can be order food in online apps like swiggy,zomato, ubereats. So many people can work a part-time job as a delivery boy, day to day the delivery boy can earn money.
Uber eats drivers can pick up any order, and the next order picks up, go to the new restaurant. So every time the routine of the delivery boys go to a new restaurant.
Ubereats driver for each order they have a separate amount of money depending upon every kilometer/hours. Ubereats drivers can work at any time whenever they want. They have no schedule whenever the delivery boy wants to work to log in the app and log out when they finish the works.
For each item, the customer can order any food ubereats receives a 30% commission from the restaurant.
Currently, ubereats doing a great job it includes they can offer food, many features available.
Abservetech company has also rebueats as same as ubereats"
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