Exotic India Art
on January 21, 2022
Paata Painting of Lord Ganesha Stretching Serpent Making Canopy @exoticindiaart
A visual fusion of the twin aspects of Ganesha as dancer and warrior. The son of Shiva inherits not just the tandava of Nataraja, but also His all-annihilating aspect. In the pattachitra that you see on this page, the elephant-deity is possessed of eight arms (He is dashabhujadhari), wielding weapons and other Shaivite implements. The legs and torso, however, are in the dramatic tribhanga stance, indicative of dynamism or nrtya. His gorgeous wives, in miniature proportions, are on either side of the plinth beneath His feet: Riddhi bears a chamara and Siddhi an ornate fan.
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