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on January 22, 2022
Gold Embellished Goddess Saraswati White Marble Statue on Her Vahana @exoticindiaart
The archaic period of art began to show interest in marble. Limestone Saraswati sculpture is the art of creating, convincing realistic figure which produces natural and expressive movement. Such is the Saraswati White marble sculpture. She is a marvel of knowledge, music, art, speech, and learning. The goddess is depicted as a beautiful woman clothed in pure white. She is garlanded in a golden throne which represents the highest power of awareness and astuteness. Saraswati plays the lute which is an instrument of divinity. She is an icon of grace, beauty, and devotion who is carrying Vedas in her left hand which signifies divine, eternal, and true knowledge. The artist has shown their talent by carving out details from jewelry to drapery.
Saraswati Marble Statue: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/product/sculptures/39-gold-embellished-goddess-saraswati-on-her-vahana-white-marble-handmade-made-in-india-zep023/
Goddess Saraswati: https://www.exoticindiaart.com/sculptures/hindu/goddess/saraswati/
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Dimension: 1080 x 1080
File Size: 476 Kb
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