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on February 11, 2022
There are many legends and myths about where the Irish shamrocks originated. But one that has endured for many years comes from Ireland’s St. Patrick, who used it to teach about his faith to pagan Irish people.
Legend has it that he fashioned three shamrocks out of water reeds and told his students they represented: The Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).
The metaphor worked so well for the Irish that they have worshipped many triple deities until the modern-day.
Without a doubt, Shamrock has come to be Ireland’s national symbol since the 18th century. Besides the deep meaning in Christianity, the clover has three leaves for a reason: Each leaf represents hope, faith, and love.
Beside Shamrock, there are four more St. Patrick's Day symbols that can fascinate you by their interesting origins and meanings. Learn from here >>
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