Rachel Blindauer
on March 28, 2022
1. Proteins: Proteins for muscles, bones, skin &fur.
2. Fats:For energy production
3. Carbohydrates:For energy production
4. Vitamin A: For immunity, and proper vision.
5. Vitamin D:For healthy teeth, heart function, bone growth, and development.
6. Vitamin E:For heart function, muscle growth, liver function, and shining coat.
7. Vitamin K:For proper blood clotting, heart health and preventing the buildup of calcium in blood vessels.
8. B complex vitamins:For overall health and vitality
9. Minerals:For healthy teeth and bones.
10. Water: for regulation of body temperature, digestion, and hydration.
Source: https://www.turnernewzealand.com/blogs/news/10-essential-dog-nutrition
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