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on July 5, 2022
Insights to collaborative distributor training in direct sales Distributors, also known as independent contractors in direct selling are independent with the business that they handle but part of a bigger team. To build a business with individual skills, distributors need to be an active part of the direct selling team that would drive them forward by participating in dynamic team-building and collaborative activities. This would not only contribute to the growth and development of distributors but also help build a rapport between the distributors and the brand.
The first and foremost thing to be mindful of is to set up a proper communication channel for distributors to interact with their team. This could be made use of by sponsors too to help distributors when they are in need of backing right from the early stage.
Using their dashboard to display their team goals and sales would help them keep focused and motivated. Improving remote team performances by hosting online events, training sessions and online meetings will be a great way to build rapport among the team, eventually building a peaceful work environment.
While this is being done, letting them know about the products and building their knowledge of them is crucial. But at the same time, weighing them down with volumes of product catalogs will do no good. Giving them every detail of the product will give them a deeper understanding and thorough knowledge. It would be ideal to make assessments and quizzes to assess their knowledge.
Inviting them to launch products and handing out sample products to try would be further beneficial to yield better results through practical knowledge.
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