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on July 12, 2022
Onboarding Gen Zers to your direct selling business - what to keep in mind? Gen Zers have more or less the same interests as their predecessors, the millennials. And hence, flexibility and freedom of work are such traits that both of them equally enjoy. They love doing things at their own pace implementing their ideas from time to time. There is no better place than direct selling where all these choices can be given together. From entrepreneurs to a distributor with utmost flexibility, the industry has umpteen options and possibilities for a direct selling Gen Zer looking at venturing into a new phase in life.
Various surveys conducted by Nielsen, Bankrate and YouGov, etc clearly state that Gen Zers love starting their own business and they prioritize flexible job opportunities over everything. Gen Zers love diversity with everything they do; hence, they love working with people from various generations and ethnicities. They consider working with companies that give prominence to diversity in their top charts.
As much as they value people’s opinions and ideas, they do not give ear to all that is said. They give and take recommendations based on products or brands that deliver quality and value. They wouldn’t fall for fancy advertisements and promises and takes only genuine feedback and reviews into consideration before enrolling with a new brand.
This being said, while onboarding Gen Zers, it is important to keep the distributor onboarding process quick and easy so that they do not lose interest right from the start. It is ideal to include a brand intro to give them a clear idea of the brand that they are enrolling with. Most importantly, get them familiarized with your brand values to get them going with you on the way forward.
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