Nelly Doretha
on August 17, 2022
The act of watching web-based series is one of the more common activities that people engage in these days. The internet has provided new ways for users to stay entertained and entertained by their favourite films and shows. The advent of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sony Liv, Voot Eros Now and other streaming platforms creating new media content there's been a rise in streaming services online. However, how do watching online series impact users? Are they just wasting hours on the screen to entertain yourself? The benefits and drawbacks associated with Web Series take the discussion to the next level.
What's the benefits in web series?
Watching web-based shows on OTT platforms can be enjoyable and fun. It can also be addictive. There are certain benefits to viewing Web Series that you might not be able to experience on television screens.
1. Multiple Genres
There are many web series that's based on what you like from action thrillers or drama. It's simple to discover the contents of your favorite genre. It's all you have to do is sign up your account in order to watch any show you want to
2. Watch shows in your preferred local language
The majority of OTT platforms are aiming to increase viewers by releasing web-based series in various languages. For instance, Money Heist, Body Guard, or Narcos you can catch your preferred web series and binge-watch
3. Watch on Demand can be among of the biggest benefits of web-based series
If you sign up to viewing, you are entitled to the playback control for the movie or series you're watching. You are able to skip to the next or previous scene or episode or seasons. These controls aren't accessible on cable TV. Additionally, there are options to make your own your favourite series' list and add seasons to the list , and be able to watch them later.
What's the drawbacks in the Web Series:
While there are numerous benefits to watching web-based series of your choice, however, there are also cons to be aware of. Health issues, data costs along with time consumption and many other factors are the main reasons for not watching web-based series.
1. You will have to pay more for HD content
Netflix Subscription plans differ depending on the image and the sound quality. While Standard Definition content costs relatively cheap, FHD and UHD resolution content can be quite expensive.
2. More screen time
When a web show is captivating and interesting it's hard not to be enthralled in your curiosity. The next step is to catch the back-to-back episodes. This is also in excess of your typical screen time that is between 1 and 2 hours per day.
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