Measure Marketing
on August 27, 2022
The ocean is a big place, but the world of digital marketing feels BIGGER. Often, when visiting the beach, you may be more likely to find interesting critters in the tide pools than you would if you swam out into the ocean.
Learn to target specific groups rather than mass marketing into an area where you aren’t sure what you’re going to get. ​
You can do this through:​
Content Writing – What questions do your ideal leads have? Create content that caters to them and establishes your brand as one that is knowledgeable about their needs.​
Creating Lead Magnets - Ebooks, downloadable how-to graphics, and anything that provides helpful information in an easily accessible format helps to gather leads. Networking – Interaction is the key to success. A knowledgeable team that excels in networking can be an unstoppable force when it comes to promoting your business. ​
Referral Programs – Partnering with another business to promote your own (in exchange for promoting theirs) is a great way to get the clients and customers you need at potentially double the rate.
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