Guchen Thermo
on January 30, 2023
Guchen TR-110D refrigeration unit provides the cooling capacity up to 1100w at 0℃ temperature. It can be used for transporting fresh food, medicine and other temperature sensitive products in harsh environments. It can provide a comfortable temperature for you reefer van. The cooling capacity can be adjusted according to different needs by adjusting the compressor speed.
Guchen TR-110D electric van refrigeration unit has a remote controller that allows you to adjust the temperature easily. This product is also equipped with LED display panel, which shows you the operating status of the product clearly. You can also use this remote controller to control other functions such as temperature setting or fan speed adjustment etc., according to your needs.
The refrigerant used is R134a and the unit comes with an evaporator unit and condenser unit with hose assembly.
Dimension: 600 x 450
File Size: 55.75 Kb
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