Guchen Thermo
on January 30, 2023
Guchen supplies top quality 320 volt dc compressors for electric vehicle air conditioning. The compressor can be also applied for heavy duty electric trucks, vans and other automobiles. The electric compressor is powered by the car battery
Benefits of DQ27A320 DC 320V Air Conditioning Compressor:
◆ An integrated unit: The compressor and controller are integrated, which means that the controller inverter has been installed on the e-compressor.
◆ High precision: The electric motor runs at a high voltage of 320V. It can promise good performance with precious temperature.
◆ Good brand compressor for good cooling performance. The cooling capacity is controlled directly to fulfill the demand of thermal load inside vehicle cabin.
◆ Guchen DQ27A320 model has better fuel consumption and coefficient of performance compared to the other options in the market.
◆ Wide application on EVs: The 320V DC electrically driven Semi-hermetic compressors are widely used in electric or hybrid automobiles' air conditioners. It was already used in the conditioning system of EV or hybrid cars, vans, container trucks, military devices.
◆ other top picks include: overvoltage, overload and undervoltage protection, quick refrigerating speed, soft start in 5 seconds etc.
Dimension: 1080 x 1440
File Size: 126.68 Kb
Topics: 320v compressor
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