Guchen Industry
on April 25, 2023
LD20A12AB 12V Electric Air Conditioning Compressor
The Guchen LD20A12AB, 12V AC compressor is the most-widely used aftermarket parts for mini DC powered AC. It's a type of miniature air compressor with a built-in motor and it can be used to drive the refrigeration cycle of electric vehicle air conditioner. The special design of it makes this product has high reliability and long service life, even if you use it for many years, it will not cause any problem. And there are so many advantages about this product that you should know before buying it:
1) This part is easy to install;
2) It has a long service life and low failure rate;
3)It can be used in various applications such as electric vehicles, scooters, marine appliances and trucks directly connected;
4) It can work under high temperature environment (up to 40 degrees Celsius); #refrigeration #electricandhybridvehicles #compressor #lowvoltage #electricvehicle #electricvehicles #guchen #gucheneac
Dimension: 800 x 518
File Size: 103.79 Kb
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