Holisol Logistics
on May 10, 2023
Customer Challenges
Inventory Management: manual inventory management on excel sheets and getting accourate stock details was time consuming.
Visibility: no single place to view and track the inventory leading to inventory loss
Inefficiency in picking & packing: wrong dispatches, manually searching of inventory order delays.
Multiple systems: due to the dropship model, multiple sellers systems were in use
Reporting: manual reporting process
How we solved it?
The customer is using Holisol’s warehouses, resources and WMS system to handle the majority of its warehousing operations in India.
Integrated platform: A single platform for inventory management integrated with seller systems as well as customers systems (OMS and Holisol’s DMS)
Digitisation of inventory management: Improved visibility of the on-ground operations and enable real-time tracking of activities
WMS implementation: Automatically suggested the bins and the racks for put away and handled returns management
Picking and Packing Optimisation: Automated picklist generation and picking suggestions along with the inventory locations
Added a BI (Business Intelligence) layer for warehouse operations: Customized reporting and interactive dashboard; setting up of auto-mailers with custom report to the the relevant stakeholders
Invoicing and Shipping label generation: Customized invoicing and shipping label generation as per customer’s requirements
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