Silicon EC UK Ltd
on July 11, 2023
Silicon EC UK Limited is a leading provider of innovative CAD to BIM (Computer-Aided Design to Building Information Modeling) Services, catering to the diverse needs of architectural, engineering, and construction professionals. CAD and BIM technologies have revolutionized how projects are conceptualized, planned, and executed. CAD enables precise drafting and 2D modeling, while BIM takes it further by incorporating intelligent 3D models with detailed information about the BIM project's components, materials, and systems. Our BIM Drafting Services encompass a wide range of deliverables, including 3D modeling, clash detection, construction CAD design documentation, and more. We ensure that each BIM model we create adheres to industry standards and regulations, allowing our clients to collaborate with various stakeholders throughout the CAD to BIM project lifecycle seamlessly. Our BIM Engineering Consultants offer Revit BIM Modeling Services all over the United Kingdom.
Our CAD to BIM Services include:
- Point Cloud to BIM Services
- PDF to CAD Conversion Services
- Scan to BIM Conversion Services
- Blueprint to BIM Conversion Services
- Paper to CAD Conversion Services
We are Using Licences Software including:
- Revit Structure
- Tekla Structure
- AutoCAD
Our Silicon EC UK Limited Engineering Company offers BIM Services Londonderry and covers other cities London, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, and Greater Manchester.
Our company completed projects in the UK. You can see this website:
Contact us today to discuss your Building Information Modeling(BIM) requirements and embark on a successful collaborative journey.
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