Aliza Mughal
on February 21, 2019
Not everyone eats in the same pattern nor does they shop the same. Every person on this planet has their own ways of doing everything. Like every person has different facial features, different color, different personality and various ways of living, they also shop differently. If you ever get a chance, then you should notice that you and your siblings mostly don’t have a similar liking towards everything. If it is difficult to find siblings with the same choice then how can you consider that every person on this planet can think same. Therefore, every Selling and buying website works differently. Each shop has its own specialty and that’s what it is famous for. Here I show different generations and groups of people Sell and buy used stuff locally. Millennials: Millennials are actually people belonging to the age group of 18 years to 34 years also known as youth. This age group is full of energy and thus sets the latest trends. Even though they are the trendsetters, they constitute about 34% of the people who shop online through online auction marketplaces. This is also because they are more likely involved in getting an education and setting their careers. It is men who shop most amongst millennials instead of women. It is possible maybe because they have to stay dressed up for their jobs. Women: You have always heard that women shop a lot. Well, we can’t deny the fact as they constitute about 52% of the online shoppers who sell and buy used stuff locally. If we look at every category of shoppers, women always lead it except for millennials. This is because women stay all dressed up and they have to shop for every other person in the house. Others: This category entails shoppers which are mostly women who don’t have to shop much for them but for their household. This category specifically uses online shopping websites like Walmart, eBay. If we analyze their shopping behavior, it is discovered that this category only shops for 44 hours every month. buy used stuff sell buy used stuff sell and buy used stuff buy used stuff online
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