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Alami Law

Lives in Pasadena, United States
By: on March 25, 2020
A professional immigration lawyer is someone who is an expert in all the procedural maneuvers that are necessary to get you where you want to be. Doesn’t matter whether you want to acquire a work permit or permanent residency; a highly knowledgeable professional immigrant attorney will help you to make everything happen without any hassle. When it comes to mounting a good deportation defense, there is a particular amount of information that needs to be armed on both sides. This will help you to ...
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By: on December 20, 2019
It has been witnessed that most people are now traveling to the U.S. for getting job opportunities or to become a permanent resident of the U.S. No one will want to miss the chance. Well, when it comes to getting permanent citizenship through the process of naturalization, this can be a little complicated. The process involves a lot of complex paperwork, and your single mistake can lead to the rejection of the application. Is there any to get it done without facing a lot of issues? Well, the ...
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By: on December 8, 2019
Firstly, here is a brief on who is a Deportation Lawyer. A Deportation Lawyer or attorney is someone who deals with stuff related to immigration. He deals with issues regarding green cards, immigrant amenities, citizenship issues, etc. The U.S. allows immigrants to seek a deportation professional no matter where they are. These lawyers work independently and completely unrelated to the authorities. In usual cases, you do not need to contact them, but there are some situations where you must...
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